Casey Neistat First Class Emirates Seat

What makes a viral video?

Pretty much every video the New York based vlogger Casey Neistat uploads goes viral.

Wait, hold it right there…Casey has a current subscriber base of 4,389,000 and growing every minute. That means that a lot, ok most of the views are subscriber views. So can we really say that this video is truly viral?
The video is less than 24 hours old so Statistics like social ‘shares’ are not even available yet. Lets just say that i am pretty confident this video is going viral right now on YouTube and not just from subscribers.

The video has 3,717,737 views at time of writing.

By the way the video is currently

Casey gets a free upgrade on Emirates flight from Dubai to New York, the last leg of his journey from Sydney Australia.

Casey with his attention to detail points out that the flight cost a total of $21,635.30 if you wanted to book one yourself (not likely).