Casey Neistat No More YouTube Vlogs?

On November 19, 2016 Casey Neistat one of the most popular and most admired YouTuber’s has announced he will no longer be making a daily video log.
Instead Casey will pursue other more “challenging” ventures.
Wait stop don’t panic! Casey will still be uploading a YouTube video every now and then just not everyday.

Can you imagine walking away from being a top YT earner when there’s literally thousands if not millions of us fellow Youtuber’s barely making a cent? Kind of makes me cringe a bit.

Tons of other people are producing quality content as good or on a par with Casey’s but never make a living never mind Caseys estimated yt revenue of over 100k per month and that’s not including Amazon affiliate links that sometimes ‘popup’ in the description section.

Anyway we all wish you good luck in whatever you get up to next and hope you do manage to not forget your close to 6 million subscribers.