Fousey Addictions and The Bike Thief

RomanAtwood and Yousef from Fousey Tube and Dose of Fousey YouTube channels are currently on a YouTube fan tour of the USA.
Meanwhile Fouseys new motorcycle yeh you no the one without a clutch…is that a real bike?
Anyway apparently he has caught the dude that stole his bike or is this another Fousey Tube prank? So riveting, can’t wait to watch and find out the real life drama that is Fousey.
Watch for appearances by Pablo the dude famous for being famous..NOT!
Look for lost gold chains, neck beards, smiling?, kicking addictions, old guys playing with remote control cars that drive on water? wtf? (he does give one away to viewers so that’s cool) but please spare us the Fousey best family on YouTube intro we beg you please, cringe cringe.