Hawk Throws Snake At Asian Tourists In Australia

Warning to tourists – Everything in Australia can kill you ha ha. You must watch this to the very end to see what happens…

So here is the scenario. You visit Australia in this case Melbourne Australia and you decide to have a bbq lunch using one of the free barbecues on offer at one of the many parks by the river.
The snags (sausages) are cooking away as you notice a bird circling a particular spot on the river bank and then diving down and grabbing a snake presumably to take back to its nest for dinner, all good. Except the bird of prey does another full circle heading straight back around flying towards you and drops the snake lol, run run.
Brilliant video of a bird dropping a snake on people.
I reckon the bird wanted them to cook the snake like a shrimp on the barbie. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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