Dolly Parton Performs ‘Jolene’ with A Cappella Group Pentatonix

Dolly Parton Viral Video

Dolly Parton teams up with A cappella group from Texas known as ‘Pentatonix’ to perform 1973 single hit ‘Jolene’ from album with with same name ‘Jolene’.

The song Jolene is about a jealous woman who thinks that another beautiful woman called ‘Jolene’ is going to steal her man away from her by seducing her with her gorgeous looks.

Dolly penned the song when a fiery red haired bank clerk flirted with her husband Carl Dean at their local bank branch shortly after they were married in 1964.

The name ‘Jolene’ was not the name of the bank clerk but of a fan that Dolly signed an autograph for at around the same time as the flirting incident.

An interesting side note, the original version of the song is number 217 on Rolling Stone Magazines ‘Top 500 songs of all time’ list (2004).

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