Magic Fire Trick Featuring Lighters

Trending – Four Magic Tricks with Lighters

First of all don’t let your kids watch this video and never let them play with matches or a lighter.

Someone call the fire department, quick! A video from the MrGear YouTube channel is going viral on YT and trending today. That means lots and lots of people are watching and sharing the video on social media sites like Facebook, Titter, Reddit etc.

The content of the video is all about what ‘magic tricks’ you can do with a lighter, four do be precise.

I feel if i tell you what they are i might be adding to the chaos this ‘magic’ might cause so you’d better watch this yourself and let us know in the comments below what you think.


Upload Date – 11th September, 2016 (1 day at time of writing)

Channel – MrGear

Daily views – 4 million +

Total Views so far – 4,464,493

Time Watched – 5 years (total minutes viewed so far add up to 17 years)

Likes – 34,897(thumbs up)

Dislikes – 9,464 (thumbs down)

Social Shares – 631

New Chanel Subscriptions driven – 470