Piers Morgan On 12 Year Old Girl Kills Giraffe For Selfie Pic

Viral Video of Good Morning Britain (GMB) presenter Piers Morgan known for enticing controversy has asked a simple question to a 12 year old girl that posed for selfies after hunting and killing a Giraffe on a ‘Trophy’ hunting expedition in South Africa.

Aryanna Gourdin along with her father Eli appeared on the popular British morning show wearing anti hunter bullying t-shirts displaying the slogan and image of a shooting arrow “stand up to anti hunter bullying’ defending the hunting of wild animals for sport and entertainment.

Piers Morgan asks the 12 year old girl, quote “you have a lovely little pet cat, how would you feel if i came to your house one day and i hunted down your pet cat and i killed it and i then posted pictures of me celebrating killing your pet cat”.
Piers asks how would you feel about that, how would you feel if i came and killed your pet cat and i then posted pictures celebrating the slaughter of your pet cat.

She remarked by saying quote “i’m not allowed to have pets because i hunt”. Her father Eli interrupts by saying they have never killed pets “we would never think to go out and kill somebodies pet”.

Aryanna earlier in the week posted pictures of herself crouching over a Giraffe she just hunted and killed in the private gaming park on safari in South Africa.
Aryanna has her own Facebook page ‘Braids and Bows’ which also shows pictures of herself posing and celebrating after she just killed a wild bear and a Zebra. The petite and pretty 12 year old blonde haired girl appears proud of the killing as she is seen smiling in almost every picture with either a gun or crossbow leaning up against the slain animals.

Aryanna Gourdin hunting Zebra
Aryanna Gourdin hunted and killed a Zebra
Aryanna Gourdin 12 year old poses on Facebook page Braids and Bows after killing a Giraffe
Aryanna Gourdin poses for pictures for her Facebook page after killing a Giraffe

The Facebook page ‘braids and Bows’ was unreachable during the research of this post and may have been taken down by Facebook or by Aryanna after having second thoughts about the controversial images or was it from social media pressure as angry people respond on Twitter.

If you are interested here is the Aryanna Gourdind Twitter Page

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